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Recent pieces I've written:

EU DSM   Content rights owners should stop complaining and get with the program – about the European Digital Single Market (23 Sept 2015)

Why cord cutting is such a big phenomenon in North America but no so much elsewhere (22 October 2015)

SDR and HDR colour volume   The State of HDR in Broadcast and OTT at year-end 2015 (31 December 2015)
CES 2016  

The State of HDR in Broadcast and OTT – post-CES update (17 January 2016)

4K/UHD   The confusion is complete – Is 4K better than UHD, the same as UHD, or less than UHD? (8 April 2016)
Ultra HD Blu-ray  

A brief history of Ultra HD Blu-ray (8 May 2016)


Ultra HD Blu-ray's versatile compatibility explained (5 June 2016)

4K 8K TV and beyond   The future of TV – 10 tech steps to the ultimate TV experience (What HiFi, 24 June 2016)
TV technology hype cycle   Advanced TV Technologies and the Hype Cycle (2 September 2016)
PS4 Pro / UHD BD   5 reasons why PS4 Pro should have an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive and 5 flawed excuses why it doesn't (21 September 2016)
CES 2017   Why HLG may be the buzzword at CES 2017 and other predictions (1 January 2017)
HDR format unity   Don't mention the format war (22 February 2017; more discussion here)
BT.709 and Rec.2020 colour volumes   The state of HDR video, mid-2017 (14 September 2017)
bright horizon   The Road to TV heaven (13 October 2017; more discussion here)
coax/copper/fibre cable   Why cable and telco business are so different (23 October 2017)
HDR flavors   HDR video formats – the prospects (9 November 2017)
Joy   Hollywood doesn't really want you to buy Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs (20 February 2018)
PQ10   The Trouble with HDR10 (4 October 2018)
HDR Ecosystem   The HDR video ecosystem tracker (4 December 2018)
CES 2019   The HDR Ecosystem Tracker – minor post-CES 2019 update (January 2019)
vertical TV   TV makers abandon horizontal TVs in favor of vertical screens en masse (April 1st – satire)
HDR formats mapped   The HDR Ecosystem Tracker – mid-2019 update (4 June 2019)
HDR logo farm   HDR terminology demystified (23 August 2019)
TV resolution gap   The Resolution Gap (13 Sept 2019)
HDR formats venn diagram   HDR Ecosystem Tracker – fall 2019 update (6 November 2019)
Hypothetical 8K Ultra Violet Disc   An 8K disc format is unlikely. Here's why. (15 November 2019)
HDTV post-mortem   The HDTV is officially dead (27 February 2020)
HFR High Frame Rate   HFR – The one UHD technology you rarely hear about (8 April 2020)
PlayStation & UHD BD   What's the real reason PS4 Pro didn't play Ultra HD Blu-ray? (16 April 2020)
The 6 pillars of Ultra HD   The six pillars of Ultra HD (8 October 2020)
About HDR and Creative Intent   We need to talk about HDR (15 October 2020)
Disney, Ultra HD Blu-ray and Dolby Vision   Disney's brief and cool love affair with Ultra HD Blu-ray (27 October 2020)
9th-gen consoles   Dolby support in next-gen consoles (29 October 2020)
HDR formats   The HDR Ecosystem Tracker update fall 2020 (2 December 2020)
Overlapping broadcasters and operators   HDR Ecosystem Tracker update: Broadcasters and Operators (3 March 2021)
HDR Vivid logo   Meet the latest HDR video format, HDR Vivid (7 March 2021)
UHD services take-up   Seven years of Ultra HD service uptake (15 March 2021)
gamma curves   Do B2C service providers still need to choose between PQ and HLG for HDR? (15 March 2021)
noir mode   "Innovation is so overrated" (April 1st – satire)
histogram   The most popular distribution networks for Ultra HD (15 April 2021)
optical disc shares   The State of Ultra HD Blu-ray (15 April 2021)
building blocks   The ambiguity of 4K, UHD and Ultra HD (28 April 2021)
Ultra HD Forum&s HDR logo   Bang for the Bit – Benefits of HDR (29 April 2021)
HDR format share pie chart   4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Database (UHDBDDb) HDR format statistics (8 April 2022; more discussion here)
UHDBDDb HDR format venn diagram/bubble chart   UHDBDDb HDR format stats – further analysis (11 April 2022; more discussion here)

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